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How We Work

At Kingsgate Flooring, we believe in making the whole process of changing your flooring as simple as possible. We don’t want you to be inconvenienced any more that you need to be.

When You Get In Touch With Us

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Generally customers will contact us on the phone or via our Facebook page and we believe it’s important to respond as quickly as possible. If we don’t pick up straight away then we are either driving or fitting!

Once you contact us, we will arrange with you to carry out a site visit & survey at a mutually agreeable time and date.

If you are not at home during the normal working day, we are happy to come and see you and measure up out of hours. It’s important to us that we can accommodate customers who are unable to be there during the day owing to work commitments.

Free, Friendly Measuring Service

Kingsgate Flooring offer a friendly and free measuring service. When we come and see you, we will discuss your wishes and have a chat about any concerns they may have.

It is always our aim to ensure that the you, the customer is happy and comfortable throughout the whole process.

Providing You With Your Quotation

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Once we have taken all your measurements and you have chosen the flooring that you need, we will take a couple of days to price that up for you.

We will get back in touch with you with your quotation which is a completed finished price. There are never any nasty surprises with Kingsgate Flooring.

Supplied and Fitted

We offer a range of services for you. We can supply and fit or if you would prefer to source your own flooring products, then we can carry out a fit-only service. It is up to you but it may be worth a call to us first, just to check that what you are buying is actually what you need!

Furniture Moved

Some of your furniture is no doubt very heavy and we don’t want to hurt yourself unnecessarily. We are happy to move all your standard furniture out of the way before we start your installation.

And we are not going to leave you with an empty room. We will move all the furniture back afterwards leaving you to enjoy your new room!

Removing Your Old Flooring

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Don’t worry about having to dispose of your old flooring - we will do all that for you! We will lift it, take it away and don’t worry! We will dispose of your flooring at a local approved refuse disposal and recycling site.

Doors Eased as Standard

I’m sure we’ve all had this. You have your new carpet fitted and then you have to build up extra muscles, just to be able to open and close the doors!

We will ease your doors for you. All that means is that we will trim the exact amount off the bottom so that the doors will open and close properly.

Floors Vacuumed and Cleaned

When we cut your new flooring into place, i.e. trimming the edges, there is often quite a lot of debris, usually small pieces of carpet pile.

Some installers might think it’s OK to leave that for you to clear up. We don’t! We will vacuum the new flooring and remove all those tiny, annoying pieces leaving you to enjoy your new floor.


Here at Kingsgate Flooring, we are proud of the work that we carry out and we have lots of satisfied customers locally and further afield.

Generally, most of our work comes through recommendations and referrals from people that we have carried out work for. We are delighted to be recommended and long may that continue!